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Welcome and thank you for your interest in PhiShading, Manual Shading Education.

Perhaps you are reading this wanting to start a new career, you might be wanting to expand the services in your clinic, you may be unsatisfied with previous education or just want information about our Microblading course. PhiAcademy New Zealand are here to help you.

Who is PhiAcademy NZ?

PhiAcademy is a global organisation that provides professionals with top class education, the best engineered equipment and pigments. To ensure your success, PhiAcademy New Zealand trains in the latest techniques, hygiene standards and marketing practices. It is our aim to create top quality professionals in the industry. We strive to do this by providing you with proven training programmes, manuals and a safe educational environment to maximise your potential.

Amanda and Michaella, Co Directors of Skin Revision and PhiAcademy NZ, draw upon over 30 years of experience and education in all aspects of beauty therapy. Their passion for knowledge in this dynamic, ever-changing skincare/beauty industry ensures that they stay informed with the latest technologies and skincare. An advocate for safe practices and high professionalism, Michaella and Amanda work with both industry leaders and governing bodies to achieve a unified approach to reaching excellence within our industry.

New Zealand, Northland Representatives of the Beauty NZ Professionals Association, ensures that they are informed about the latest legislations, standards. health and hygiene requirements.

The PhiAcademy Educations will always change and update to keep relevant for todays needs for both industry professionals and our clients. It will be our pleasure to meet you, to share with you and to ensure your future success.

How to choose your Microblading Education Provider

About The Training

After successful completion of the PhiBrows Microblading Education or for experienced trained professionals, you may choose to expand your knowledge and skill with Manual Shading Education.

As the word speaks for itself, Manual Shading is a method which does not include work with a machine but is a manual technique to implant pigment in eyebrows. The technique of shading is very diverse in its use in the cosmetic tattooing field.

We use this technique for eyebrows that have little to no hair growth in the spine or tails. Perfect for people who suffer from alopecia, hair loss as a result of cancer treatment or medication and age. 

It creates a 3D aspect to a Microbladed eyebrow, or it can be used to create an ombre brow effect or a powdered brow. It is very precise in its placement and creates a beautiful brow finish. 

Training Options

Live Workshop

Online Education

Post Training Support and Product Purchases

PhiAcademy NZ is located in the heart of Northland, Whangarei. We have a full Phi product web shop to supply you with all you need, in NZ dollars, fast freight and excellent service from our awesome team. We also have further educations and post graduate training to perfect your technique with our Perfection course and the BoldBrows technique course.

Recognised Certification

Looking for a globally recognised certification and qualification process is important for seeking employment not only here in New Zealand but also world wide. PhiBrows and PhiAcademy are recognised globally and is the biggest Beauty Academy in the world.

Quality Products and Equipment

Branko Babic has kept the Microblading products relevant to todays needs. The ability to create a realistic eyebrow with both high quality pigments and up to date blades and tools.

"It is a pleasure to share our knowledge with you"


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